Table Rock is one of the most iconic areas of Boise, for a few reasons. Not only does it have a giant cross at the top, which is illuminated every night, but it is also the most popular hike in Boise. Learn more about Table Rock Boise and how to get to the top.

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Table Rock Boise Hours
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Table Rock Boise Hours

What time does table rock close?

Table Rock is open from sunrise to sunset all year round. Like all trails in Boise, Idaho, and pretty much the whole world, it is always best to stay off of them when they are wet, because it could cause damage to the trails.

You may run into a fence if you are driving up, but there doesn’t seem to be any certain hours or days when it is closed or open. If the fence is closed, you will have to park and walk the rest of the way.

History of Table Rock Boise

Driving or hiking Table Rock Boise, Idaho.

Table Rock is near the grounds of the Idaho State Penitentiary, a former prison complex in Boise, which is now used as a history museum. The hike to the top of Table Rock begins near the penitentiary grounds. Table Rock Boise is maintained by the Idaho State Historical Society — they also own and maintain the Idaho State Penitentiary, Idaho State Archives, and Idaho State Museum. The reasoning for this is the land was originally owned by the Idaho Department of Corrections. You will see volunteers out on the trail and on top of the Table Rock making sure everything is kept in great shape.

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Table Rock has a nice hike, and is located between Boise and the foothills. It has a flat rock top, making it the perfect end to a nice hike up the hill.

Table Rock was previously used by Native Americans in the area, including the Northern Shoshone, as a ceremonial space.

The Table Rock cross in Boise was built in 1956 by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, according to the Idaho Architecture Project. The cross is 60 feet tall and is lit up every night, and is visible in most parts of Boise. In 2011, the lighting on the cross was replaced with LED lights. The cross has been the center of numerous controversies over the year, mainly because it is maintained by public funds. When lit up at night, you can see the Boise cross from miles away.

There was a fire on Table Rock in 2016, which caused much of the area to be burnt. The city of Boise has been working since then to improve conditions in the area.

Hiking to Table Rock

Driving or hiking Table Rock Boise, Idaho.

The hike to Table Rock Boise begins near the grounds of the Idaho State Penitentiary. You can find the trailhead next to the penitentiary, and behind the Bishop’s House. The trail winds up the side of the mountain and Boise foothills, gaining an elevation of 895 feet over the 3.7-mile trail.

Dogs on leashes and horses are allowed on the trail, as well as walkers, runners, and bicyclists. Although the trail is under four miles, it is a pretty steep elevation climb in that time, so be prepared for a steep climb. You will find dirty and rocks as well, surrounded by sage brush on most of the hike. There also tends to be some wildlife on the trail, including numerous encounters with rattlesnakes.

When you get close to the top, you will be able to divert and get close to the Boise “B” if you want to see it up close. The hike should take an hour or less, for most people.

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You can hike the trail every day from sunrise to sunset, all year round — although hiking is somewhat discouraged in wetter months because hiking on wet trails can actually damage those trails.

Although the top of Table Rock Boise is a fairly flat concrete slab, people fall over the edge all year-round by getting too close. Just be sure to watch your children and clumsy friends.

The map of the hike to Table Rock:

Driving or hiking Table Rock Boise, Idaho.

Driving to Table Rock

Driving or hiking Table Rock Boise, Idaho.

Can you drive to the top of Table Rock? Why, yes you can. Many locals don’t even know that is possible to drive to the top, and they tend to take the more difficult route of hiking to the top of Table Rock.

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If you don’t feel like walking up Table Rock, you can also get to the top by car. It is a short drive through a few residential neighborhoods, but will get you to the top of Table Rock in under 10 minutes from beginning to end.

Driving Directions to Table Rock Boise from the Idaho State Penitentiary:

  • Drive northwest down Warm Springs Drive for 0.6 miles
  • Turn right onto N. Haines Street, drive for for 0.5 mile
  • Turn right onto Shenandoah Drive, drive for 0.6 mile
  • Turn right onto Shaw Mountain Road, drive for 0.2 mile
  • Take a slight right onto E. Table Rock Road, drive for 1.9 mile
  • Turn right to stay on E. Table Rock Road
  • You will reach Table Rock in 0.7 mile

Certain times of year and certain times of the night the final road up to Table Rock will be closed, and you will have to walk about 0.5 miles to reach the summit. But even then, the walk is an easy one on a dirt road with a slight incline.

Driving or hiking Table Rock Boise, Idaho.

Table Rock is an amazing location to visit when you are in Boise. Whether you hike or drive, or just admire it from afar, Table Rock is an important part of the Boise environment.

Let us know if you have any questions about Table Rock or post your photos here!